KV600 traysealer

машина за пакување на храна во МАП/ machine for MAP traysealer food packaging KV600

 (MAP- Modified Atmosphere Packaging) means packaging in which the proportions of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen are modified to best suite the type of food to optimize shelf life. This is a hygienic process which is especially important during pandemic. This type of packaging limits microbiological and biochemical activity in food. The process starts with removal of the air by vacuum pump, and then injection of inert gas. Ideal for cooked meals, fresh meat, fish, pasta, deli meat, fruits and vegetables, nuts, bagles, dairy products, etc.

Автоматска машина за пакување на храна во МАП/automatic bowl closing machine for MAP

Автоматска машина за пакување на храна во МАП/automatic bowl closing machine for MAP

The machines can be semi-automatic, or fully automatic, with different capacity and speed, depending on the client’s needs. The packaging supplies that are used in this type of packaging should be the high barrier type of trays and lidding film.

готови оброци во МАП/cooked meals in MAP

готови оброци во МАП/cooked meals in MAP

пакување на храна

пакување на храна

свежо месо во МАП

свежо месо во МАП

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Three reasons to choose blast chiller over freezer for your food production site!

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Three reasons to choose blast chiller over conventional freezer for your food production site, and be one step ahead! Every commercial kitchen, whether it is catering, restaurant, confectionery, patisserie, or frozen food production) should definitely have this incredibly useful invention as part of their inventory. Why you should invest in a blast chiller:

1. Better quality and appearance of the food. 

Berries frozen in a blast chiller

Berries frozen in a blast chiller

The products look fresh, and shrinkage and lost of moisture is minimized. This means that you save by minimizing loss, but more importantly, the quality and the cellular structure of the food is intact, colors and aromas stay the same. Loss of moisture is prevented, which means you don’t get large ice crystals forming inside which damage the product and the packaging. And once the product is thawed, it will be fresh like it was never frozen in the first place.

2. Saving money and time.

By preventing product loss, and use the rapid freezing chiller, you will be saving money and time. The blast chiller enables you to organize your time in advance and cook even whole meals and rapidly freeze them so they can be used when the time comes. This will prepare you even for big events that require a lot of preparations and thinking ahead, like weddings. And if you’re ready ahead of time, you can save on labor, time and of course, you’ll be able to avoid stress and panic.

3. Safety.

This should come first, because safety first is  a golden rule, especially for food. By shortening the time of freezing, you are shortening the time for potential hazards of bacteria growth or the growth of other pathogens.

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Vivavak Kompani offers high quality blast chillers with different capacities for every client’s different needs. They’re ideal for patisserie, gelateria, frozen food production, catering, restaurant, etc. Please contact us for a special offer or additional information. 

Shrink bags for vacuum packaging of meat and dairy products.

Shrink bagsShrink bags are vacuum bags used for vacuum packaging of meat and dairy products. They are used for packaging with vacuum chamber machines. Their composition is similar to the one of plain vacuum bags, with one difference. Shrink bags have additional EVOH (ethylvinyl alcohol) layer, which contributes to stronger protection and resistance.

Shrink bagsAn important property of the shrink bags, that the plain vacuum bags don’t have, is the obvious one, their ability to shrink to the volume of the product, when exposed to hot water (75-90ºC for 2-3 seconds). This is a big plus for the visual presentation of the product. Shrink bags have high gloss and transparency and almost no edges.

Shrink bags offer a variety of packaging solutions for cheese, meat, fish and poultry, as well as meat that contains bones. They can come transparent, colored, and in various shapes and sizes, depending on the client’s needs. They are divided in four basic groups:

  1. Shrink bags for cheese. Ideal for packaging different types of cheeses that release gas during the ripening process, because they allow respiration. They come as transparent, colored (yellow, red, etc) and they can also be printed on. They come in various shapes and sizes, and with different levels of barrier, depending on the ripening stage of the product.
  2. Shrink bags for meat and meat products. These bags are ideal for fresh and processed meat, as well as dairy products that are not ripening. They come in various shapes, sizes, colors and they have adjustable thickness, depending on the product that’s being packed.
  3. Shrink bags without barrier for frozen meat, fish and poultry. These bags have high shrinking point and high resistance to piercing which makes them great for frozen and hard products, as well as meat with bones.
  4. Shrink bags for cook-in meat and meat products. Excellent mechanical properties, high shrinking point and stability even at very high temperatures. There are two types of these bags, depending on whether the meat should be adhesive to the bag or not.

Vivavak Company is offering wide range of high quality shrink bags. If You’re still not sure which method and material of packaging is best for Your products, don’t hesitate to contact us and arrange a meeting. We are at Your disposal.

Thermoforming film for automatic vacuum machine packaging.

vacuum filmThe transparent vacuum film should allow good visual presentation of the product, maximum shelf life and freshness of the product, as well as protection from humidity, air, strange flavors and mechanical protection. Unlike the vacuum bags which are used for packing in single chamber and double chamber vacuum machines, vacuum film is used for packing with fully automatic vacuum lines.

transparent vacuum film

For this kind of packing are used two types of film: Top web and bottom web.

Bottom web should be thicker and strong enough to last through the process of thermoforming. With the new technology of vacuum film manufacture, the bottom web can have from 3 to 15 layers of material, depending on the desired barrier. The most common structure of vacuum film used for food packaging is polyamid (PA), polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and ethylvinyl alcohol (EVOH). Depending on the extrusion and the type of product that is being packed, the thickness of this film can very from 80 to 240 microns.

top web gold

Top web can be transparent, opaque, gold or printed, according to the client’s needs. Usually the thickness of the top web varies from 25 to 100 microns, which is strong enough, because this film doesn’t undergo the process of thermoforming.

Vivavak Kompani offers top and bottom web with width from 70 to 460mm, and thickness from 60 to 240microns. The film’s origin is from European Union and has all the certificates and declarations that are necessary. It has excellent quality, even extrusion and great transparency.

vacuum film

Check out the video to see how the process of packing with a fully automatic thermoforming vacuum line looks like!

Vacuum bags for packing with single chamber and double chamber vacuum machines.

vakum kesi

Vacuuming is a method of packaging that is pulling the air out of the bag before it’s sealed. This method includes placing the product in a bag, removing the air from the inside, and sealing the bag. The purpose of this type of packaging is to remove the oxygen from the bag, and by that, to prolong the shelf life of the goods.

Vacuum packaging removes the atmospheric oxygen from the bag, therefore it limits the growth and reproduction of aerobic bacteria and fungi that are responsible for tainting the food. In addition to this benefit, vacuum packaging protects the product from moisture, aromas, and provides mechanical protection.

The most commonly used vacuum bags are made of polyamid (PA), and polyethylen (PE). There are different types and can be made of several layers.

Вакуум кеси

Vivavak Kompani  offers a variety of vacuum bags with width from 50 to 500 mm and length from 50 to 1000 mm. The thickness can vary from 50 to 150 microns. The bags can be transparent, in different colors, or printed, depending on the client’s needs.

Check out the process of vacuuming in the following video:


Vacuum film for packaging with thermoforming vacuum machines.

thermoforming film

What is vacuum packaging?

Vacuum packaging means evacuating the air out of certain area. In food industry, this way of packaging means removing the air out of the product packaging right before sealing. This method can be manual and automatic. Vacuum bags are used in the manual method, and vacuum film is used in the automatic method.

There are multiple ways of separating vacuum film:

1. According to purpose:

  • Bottom film – the film that forms inside certain molds that we fill with products;
  • Top film – used for sealing with the bottom film and doesn’t form.

2. According to thickness:

  • Soft film – from 20 to 240 microns;
  • Rigid film – from 240 microns onwards.

3. According to composition:

  • PA/PE – combination of polyamid and polyethylen;
  • PE/PA/EVOH/PA/PE – combination of polyethylen, polyamid and ethylvinyl alcohol;
  • PP/PA/EVOH/PA/PP – combination of polypropylen, polyamid and ethylvinyl alcohol.

4. According to layers: 3-layer, 5-layer, 7-layer, 11-layer, 14-layer, etc.

5. According to barrier properties:

  • Full barrier film;
  • Semi-barrer film.

vacuum film

The film can be transparent or in multiple colors, as well as printed, depending on the client’s needs. Besides protecting the product from atmospheric conditions, the vacuum film should also obtain promotional values for the product itself.

To make sure that your vacuum film satisfies all this criteria, turn to Vivavak Kompani.