Three reasons to choose blast chiller over freezer for your food production site!

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Three reasons to choose blast chiller over conventional freezer for your food production site, and be one step ahead! Every commercial kitchen, whether it is catering, restaurant, confectionery, patisserie, or frozen food production) should definitely have this incredibly useful invention as part of their inventory. Why you should invest in a blast chiller:

1. Better quality and appearance of the food. 

Berries frozen in a blast chiller

Berries frozen in a blast chiller

The products look fresh, and shrinkage and lost of moisture is minimized. This means that you save by minimizing loss, but more importantly, the quality and the cellular structure of the food is intact, colors and aromas stay the same. Loss of moisture is prevented, which means you don’t get large ice crystals forming inside which damage the product and the packaging. And once the product is thawed, it will be fresh like it was never frozen in the first place.

2. Saving money and time.

By preventing product loss, and use the rapid freezing chiller, you will be saving money and time. The blast chiller enables you to organize your time in advance and cook even whole meals and rapidly freeze them so they can be used when the time comes. This will prepare you even for big events that require a lot of preparations and thinking ahead, like weddings. And if you’re ready ahead of time, you can save on labor, time and of course, you’ll be able to avoid stress and panic.

3. Safety.

This should come first, because safety first is  a golden rule, especially for food. By shortening the time of freezing, you are shortening the time for potential hazards of bacteria growth or the growth of other pathogens.

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Vivavak Kompani offers high quality blast chillers with different capacities for every client’s different needs. They’re ideal for patisserie, gelateria, frozen food production, catering, restaurant, etc. Please contact us for a special offer or additional information.