Vacuum film for packaging with thermoforming vacuum machines.

thermoforming film

What is vacuum packaging?

Vacuum packaging means evacuating the air out of certain area. In food industry, this way of packaging means removing the air out of the product packaging right before sealing. This method can be manual and automatic. Vacuum bags are used in the manual method, and vacuum film is used in the automatic method.

There are multiple ways of separating vacuum film:

1. According to purpose:

  • Bottom film – the film that forms inside certain molds that we fill with products;
  • Top film – used for sealing with the bottom film and doesn’t form.

2. According to thickness:

  • Soft film – from 20 to 240 microns;
  • Rigid film – from 240 microns onwards.

3. According to composition:

  • PA/PE – combination of polyamid and polyethylen;
  • PE/PA/EVOH/PA/PE – combination of polyethylen, polyamid and ethylvinyl alcohol;
  • PP/PA/EVOH/PA/PP – combination of polypropylen, polyamid and ethylvinyl alcohol.

4. According to layers: 3-layer, 5-layer, 7-layer, 11-layer, 14-layer, etc.

5. According to barrier properties:

  • Full barrier film;
  • Semi-barrer film.

vacuum film

The film can be transparent or in multiple colors, as well as printed, depending on the client’s needs. Besides protecting the product from atmospheric conditions, the vacuum film should also obtain promotional values for the product itself.

To make sure that your vacuum film satisfies all this criteria, turn to Vivavak Kompani.

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