Shrink bags for vacuum packaging of meat and dairy products.

Shrink bagsShrink bags are vacuum bags used for vacuum packaging of meat and dairy products. They are used for packaging with vacuum chamber machines. Their composition is similar to the one of plain vacuum bags, with one difference. Shrink bags have additional EVOH (ethylvinyl alcohol) layer, which contributes to stronger protection and resistance.

Shrink bagsAn important property of the shrink bags, that the plain vacuum bags don’t have, is the obvious one, their ability to shrink to the volume of the product, when exposed to hot water (75-90ºC for 2-3 seconds). This is a big plus for the visual presentation of the product. Shrink bags have high gloss and transparency and almost no edges.

Shrink bags offer a variety of packaging solutions for cheese, meat, fish and poultry, as well as meat that contains bones. They can come transparent, colored, and in various shapes and sizes, depending on the client’s needs. They are divided in four basic groups:

  1. Shrink bags for cheese. Ideal for packaging different types of cheeses that release gas during the ripening process, because they allow respiration. They come as transparent, colored (yellow, red, etc) and they can also be printed on. They come in various shapes and sizes, and with different levels of barrier, depending on the ripening stage of the product.
  2. Shrink bags for meat and meat products. These bags are ideal for fresh and processed meat, as well as dairy products that are not ripening. They come in various shapes, sizes, colors and they have adjustable thickness, depending on the product that’s being packed.
  3. Shrink bags without barrier for frozen meat, fish and poultry. These bags have high shrinking point and high resistance to piercing which makes them great for frozen and hard products, as well as meat with bones.
  4. Shrink bags for cook-in meat and meat products. Excellent mechanical properties, high shrinking point and stability even at very high temperatures. There are two types of these bags, depending on whether the meat should be adhesive to the bag or not.

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